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Equipment, Design, Engineering and Installation all from one company. We help to make your project a more simple, less expensive, and more productive experience.

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  • Air Boss ATS Air Purifiction System

Service and Repair Trion Extaust Scubber's

Since 1979, Air Purification Systems "Viper Air" has been providing solutions for indoor air pollution problems. With the experience to supply and recommend the correct equipment, along with the capability to install, Air Purification Systems can address your clean air requirements with one point of contact.


Air Purification Systems owns a 2400 square foot sheet metal/mechanical contracting facility that allows us to do what our competition cannot:

  • Provide the equipment

  • Design and engineer the correct system

  • Offer turnkey installation, while fabricating hoods, transitions, fittings, etc. with our own mechanics.


What does this mean to you and your company? SIMPLICITY! One point of contact to address your ENTIRE PROJECT! If this is the way that you would like your air pollution projects handled, contact us today for a no-cost, on site visit. We will then provide a quotation for equipment and optional installation.


Air Purification Systems will solve your indoor air pollution problems and keep it simple for you