Trion Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber - Pollution Control

Exhaust filtration System Fairfax Virginia, Maryland Approved

Kitchen exhaust contains grease, smoke, and odors which can be filtered properly to help meet EPA, state, and local air quality standards in Fairfax County VA. With Trion’s Kitchen Hood Scrubber Exhaust systems, you’ll be on good terms with both city inspectors in Fairfax Virginia, Maryland and residential neighbors.

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  • Air Boss ATS Air Purifiction System

    Air Boss ATS Air Purifiction System

  • Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

    Trion Boss KES Exhaust Scrubber

  • Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

    Air Boss Model 75 Electrostatic Precipitators

  • Fairfax, Virginia & Maryland Approved

Trion Air Boss ATS Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

The Trion® Air Boss® ATS Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber Series is ideal for the removal of grease and smoke from commercial cooking applications, as well as smoke, fumes, and oil/coolant mists from industrial processes. An optional Adsorber Module helps treat nuisance odors in the form of gaseous emissions. The modular design of the ATS Series allows for multiple filtration configurations, while an automated, integral water-wash system facilitates in-place cleaning of the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) filters.

Trion Boss KES Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

Trion-air boss kes exhaust filtration

Kitchen Exhaust contains grease, smoke and odors which can be filtered properly to help meet EPA, state and local air quality standards. With the Trion® KES system Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber, you'll be on good terms with both city inspectors and your commerical and residential neighbors. The KES is a multi-stage, self-contained filtration unit that ensures maximum effectiveness through the use of an Electrostatic Precipitator, a 95% DOP Media Filter, and Carbon Modules for odor control.

Trion Air Boss Model 75 Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

Trion-Model 75-kitchen exhaust filtration

When you need one system for cleaning numerous applications, such as kitchen grease and smoke, oil mist, and contaminants from other industrial processes, Trion® has a kitchen exhaust, commercial, or large industrial solution just for you in the Air Boss® 75 Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber.

Fairfax County, Virginia Mechanical Code - Section 506.3.7 - Approved

"Your request is to install a Trion Air Purification System Air Boss ATS6 with grease duct system at the subject project. You base this request on the fact that the units are constructed of 16-gauge steel and comply with the UL 1978 standard for grease. duct construction. The information you submitted indicates that the construction of the units provide approved grease collection points and it includes an automatic deterge lt wash-down for the interior of the units at predetermined intervals. You also provided the equipment’s listing information. After due consideration, your request is conditionally approved. The listing of the equipment and documentation you provided demonstrates a level of equivalence we feel meets the spirit and intent of the code. This approval is based on the Underwriters laboratory (UL) listing, the submitted documentations."

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